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Hogan Certification Workshop


ICF Coaches receive 20 CCEUs when participating.

What do I learn throughout the Hogan Certification Workshop?

The Hogan Level 1 workshop is a new, interactive format.
Besides the on site training there are online modules in preparation and after the training which allows for modular learning.
  • Understanding the use of personality assessments in organizations

  • Profound Understanding on the influence of personality on
    Potentials: All-day, bright side personality
    Derailers: Behavior under stress and in trigger situations, dark side personality
    Values: Motives and preferences that motivate a person to high performance, the inside of personality

  • Interpretation of different profiles along three perspectives of personality

  • Dos & Don‘ts in feedback talks

  • Learn strategies to handle difficult profiles and special feedback situations, such as executive feedback

  • Apply the principle “Become your own coach”

  • Make use of Hogan Assessment Systems data pools with up to 121,000 adults worldwide

  • Apply possibilities of Hogan assessments: selection, development, coaching, training, team development, competence mappings, requirements analysis

How does the workshop proceed?

  • You answer to the three Hogan questionnaires on Potentials (HPI), Derailers (HDS) and Values (MVPI).
  • You receive an introduction to Hogan (short feedback) on the phone based on your reports.
  • You participate in the online “Pre-Learning-Module” and get first insights into the Hogan terms.
  • Definition of the 28 Hogan dimensions
  • Exercises based on case studies and interpretation of recurring themes across reports
  • Presentation of the Hogan feedback process and discussion of alternatives
  • Dealing with difficult feedback
  • You will receive your personal results reports (Potential, Risk, Value and FLASH report)
  • Feedback exercises under supervision
  • Feedback on your personal results in pairs
  • If applicable: exercises with profiles from one’s own company / clients
  • Possibilities to apply the HOGAN Assessments
  • Receiving the official, unlimited HOGAN Certificate
  • Workshop evaluation
  • Sparring with proposals
  • Support for the selection of assessments and reports
  • optional: Practicum session on discussing the results of a feedback recipient

Next dates

Are you interested to get Hogan certified but cannot find a suitable date? Please get in touch and we are happy to arrange another workshop that suits your calendar.

January 22-23, 2019MunichGerman
February 21-22, 2019CologneGerman
April 4-5, 2019MunichGerman
May 14-15, 2019StuttgartGerman
June 26-27, 2019BerlinEnglish
July 16-17, 2019FrankfurtGerman
September 19-20, 2019DusseldorfGerman
November 19-20, 2019MunichGerman
December 9-10, 2019DusseldorfGerman

Experienced Facilitators By Your Side

Rene Kusch


Ellen Herb bridges the gap between classical training principles and opportunities digitalization brings with it. She supports her clients in turning their ideas into reality. Ellen Herb lives her profession – according to the principle “Walk the Talk”. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Rene Kusch


Jan Gittinger is a well-rounded and broadly experienced consultant and trainer. He has seen many things come and go in different organizations and cultures and added the best strategies to his repertoire. He is grounded, extremely reliable and helpful in his approach.

Rene Kusch

Dr. René Kusch

Dr. René Kusch accompanies organizations in personnel selection and development processes. His advice is based on the use of evidence-based methods, the experience of many years of cooperation with managers and their teams, and the development of pragmatic and sustainable solutions.

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“Hogan is a tool that is easy to understand, well applicable, and more equitable than other methods in terms of a person´s individuality. It should be emphasized that Hogan not only captures identity, but also reputation: how am I likely to be perceived by others in calm and tense times? This has a high relevance for the increasing rate of change in companies. Overall, the Hogan provides a very good basis for providing practical advice to executives.
The certification by René Kusch was conducted in a very sound and practical way. The examples were very catchy and repeatedly referred to current topics of Generali in Germany, so that we were well prepared for the Hogan use in everyday life. My team and I are enthusiastic about Hogan and RELEVANT and would recommend him at any time.”
Gaby Kullbach, Head of Talent Management, Generali Deutschland AG